5 Quick Ways to Check if He/She Has Sexual Anxiety

Sexual anxiety is a serious problem that you should not ignore.

Not you and not your partner. That is why you need to be careful and if you have any doubts or suspicions that your partner may be dealing with sexual anxiety, then you should probably act! But, do not overreact. At first, make sure that your suspicion is right. Here are some things you should be on a lookout for, if you think your partner is having sexual anxiety:

1. They do not want to have sex. It is always you who brings up sex. They never or rarely do. The reason may be sexual anxiety. A person who is dealing with sexual anxiety does not think about sex as often as a healthy person does.

2. They are experiencing pain during intercourse. Pain is never a good sign. And you should not underestimate it. Anxiety is often the reason of painful intercourse. Be careful.

3. They are constantly under pressure. Stressful life can cause troubles in the bedroom.

4. They are trying too hard. And they want to make the best impression. You need to relax and stop taking sex so seriously. So what that it is not perfect. It is never going to be just the way you see it on TV.

5. You have an unsolved relationship problem. Something that may be still bothering your partner. Discuss it in order to finally be able to move on!

So, now you should probably know whether your partner is dealing with sexual anxiety. Just do not panic, take things slowly and talk to them about this issue. Then decide what you want to do about it.

Well, fingers crossed.