Is Spanish Fly Considered a “Poison”?

So you have heard someone saying that Spanish Fly is not a good aphrodisiac. Well, actually, you heard them say that Spanish Fly is dangerous. Well, that probably made you think, right? I mean, how can a product that is considered dangerous be recommended?

Well, the truth is, that I have also heard this story. And I was surprised just as you were.

But I did not panic. I decided to take a look at the problem and find out some more information. And what did I find?

Well, basically, the rumours are true. Yes, the original Spanish Fly was considered a poison. Or is considered a poison now nad that is why it is forbidden. It was made of insects and contained cantharidin which could cause death. This aphrodisiac did not actually work and only caused irritation which was mistaken for sexual arousal.

But do not worry! The products that are available now, using the name Spanish Fly have nothing in common with the original Spanish Fly! Well, the only thing that they have in common is the name.

But when it comes to the effect, the new Spanish Flies are different! Take for example Spanish Fly Pro. Drops that are designed for women dealing with low libido! This product is natural, made of herbs and has no side effects! Plus, it works instantly! And not only that! It can also heal low libido permanently, if you use it regularly!

So, do not worry, you can definitely try new Spanish Fly Pro! And you do not have to worry about it being a poison. This product is safe and I strongly recommend it! Your sex life will never be boring again if you try this product.