Last longer in bed

Men mostly feel insecure mainly for two things – the size of their penis and their sexual potential. Men usually feel satisfied and pleased due to their duration in the bed and size of their penis, regardless of their position in the society or level of their occupation as it is believed that performance in the bed and more than average size of the penis can provide sexual satisfaction to their partners. Though men cannot increase the size of their penis unless plastic surgery is done but they can last longer in bed by controlling their premature ejaculation.

It can be beneficial in one’s life in many ways if he has ability to finish quickly and early but if it is related to sex than it cannot be beneficial anymore. One of the most distressing and common problems faced by the couples who want to make long lasting sex is premature ejaculation. According to the book, The New Naked: The Ultimate Sex Education for Grown-Ups, authored by Harry Fisch, it is surprising that almost 45% men are too quick in finishing sex as they finish it in less than two minutes. The average duration in bed of such men is only 7.3 minutes which is four minutes less than the ideal time in bed for women.

Though the similar statistics of duration in bed for men and women are not encouraging but the stamina and sexual performance can be improved in an unexpected manner, like any other athletic activity. You should keep in mind that in the 2001 rap song of Missy Elliots, One Minute Man, all men were not condemned as notorious people. Some of the rarely known facts that can help you to last longer in bed are provided in this write-up

Larger stomach:

When it is related to the duration of sex the size of men’s stomach matters. According to a study published in 2010 in sexual medicine journal, men with bigger bellies can prove to be better lovers. On an average overweight people with large bellies can last for 7.3 minutes in the bed as compared to the thin men who can stay hardly for 2 minutes in the bed. Though it seems against common sense but it has been found by researchers that the fat in their belly helps in slowing down orgasm due to presence of higher amount of female sex hormone, estradiol, in their fat.

Circumcision in adulthood:

Adult circumcision is an activity that proves the proverb better late than never’ true. A study published in an Adult Urology journal in 2004 has revealed that men take considerably longer time to ejaculate if they are circumcised as adults. When it comes to last longer in the bed this circumcision is considered beneficial instead of a complicated situation. An urologist at Istanbul’s GATA Haydarpasa Training Hospital and a lead researcher, Temucin Senkul, has guessed that the loss of sensitivity of the penis due to its circumcision delays the time of ejaculation. These men have to get used to the foreskin they have lost in circumcision which make difference in their ejaculation time.

Pelvic floor work outs:

Pelvic floor exercises are designed not only for the people with bladder problems or women but they are also designed to help in providing permanent treatment to the men with premature ejaculation problem. A study presented in Stockholm at the European Congress of Urology has revealed that a small group of men between 19 and 46 years of age has an average time of ejaculation of over 31 seconds after doing pelvic floor exercises for more than 12 weeks. These exercises and the personal efforts of 33 out of 40 participant men have helped in improving their self confidence along with improving their time for ejaculation. By the end of this study the average time of their ejaculation was increased to over 146 seconds which was almost four times than their initial average time.

Eat vegetarian foods:

The dependency of vegetarian people on meat intake and dairy effects their energy and stamina in the bed. The energy provided by the higher amount of fruits in a vegan diet is more sustainable than the energy provided by the foods prepared from processed sugar. For instance, banana has high amount of potassium which is a nutrient that can boost energy as well as the production of sex hormone.

It has been proved through various tests that the stamina of vegetarian people is twice more than the people who eat meat. A comparative study of vegetarian and almost vegetarian athletes, of which half were inactive, and meat eater athletes was published in a medical journal from Yale. The researchers measured the number of deep keen bends done by them and the time they can hold their outstretched arms. The results have shown that in comparison to 69% vegetarian athletes only 13% of meat eater athletes could hold their arms for 15 minutes. Similarly 47% vegetarians could hold their arms for 30 minutes whereas none of meat eater was successful in this round. Moreover in comparison to 81% vegetarian athletes only 33% meat eater athletes can do over 350 deep knee bends.

Use of Viagra:

Along with treating men’s impotence or erectile dysfunction this little blue pill can do many more things for men. According to a study published in 2012 in a Sexual Medicine journal, the phosphodiesterase type five inhibitors found in this amazing pill can extend the time taken in reaching the orgasm in the bed along with treating the issues like erectile dysfunction. Most of the studies in this respect are of the view that medication used for treating erectile dysfunction can also be used for increase the length of time in achieving ejaculation in the bed but there is no scientific evidence available in this regard.

The simple concept of mind over matter can help in boosting the sexual stamina or simply beat the issues like premature ejaculation. In fact the endurance and stamina in sex can be improved by practice like in any other sports related activity. Finally, last longer in bed should not be considered impossible for men to achieve.